Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Tween TV for Girls? Peg says YES in the LA Times

TV execs who work on tween shows say say they develop tv shows that boys will like. Problem
is... tween boys don't like their shows. Turns out many TV execs who develop kid and teen shows
are women. And they develop shows that they think boys SHOULD like. And, well, we all know
how that goes. Female teachers who teach books boy SHOULD like often get the same reaction. Disengagement.

Hello Hollywood? I'd be happy to consult on your next development meetings.

My take: boys would be THRILLED to have TV that reflects how they really are. They are parched for authentic images of themselves in culture. The key here is the word authentic.

Here's the article:


Blogger LexAequitas said...

This relates probably more to your general thesis than this specific post.

My fourth-grade son "hates writing" -- according to him. I looked at his most recent writing assignment, and understood a good part of why he might say this.

It consisted of a poem, "The Hayloft", and then asked a question: describe a place that makes you happy. Give details on how it feels and smells, and how you feel while you are there.

He wrote a rather listless essay and was criticized by the teacher for not sufficiently describing his happy place.

I gave him a different assignment: what superpower would be best, give examples of how you would use it, and compare it to other superpowers to indicate why it's the best one.

April 23, 2010 at 12:22 PM  

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