Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Teacher Writes

This teacher works in a highly regarded school. So, as you might imagine, I was so pleased to get this message forwarded to me.

The book is well worth reading. It changed me as a teacher, making me more aware of boys' needs both academically and developmentally. It didn't just change my personal narrative policy - it also made me much more tolerant of the need for boys to move around, and helped me understand their need to relate to each other verbally and physically in ways very different from those of girls. Classrooms tend to be places where we are more tolerant of "girl behavior" than "boy behavior;" the book really helped me examine this in my practice.

Dear Mecca -- I want to clone your open minded approach to your students. Middle school teachers who work with low performing boys tell me that the boys are beaten down and demoralized by the time they get there.

Experiences in elementary school shape the way boys -- and all kids -- look at schooling.

Your students are so lucky to have such a reflective person at the front of the class.
Peg Tyre


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