Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Week In Education -- I'm the Guest Blogger

So, I get a chance to respond to a Time magazine piece....

So I get a chance to rA new article on purports to be an insider's guide on how to pick schools for your kids-- arguably one of the most important decision parents will make for their children. It's written by's education columnist, Andrew Rotherham, the ultimate ed policy insider. His advice is 1) look at test scores 2) go for a tour and 3) talk to your friends. Oh, and by the way, we need more charter schools. Really? That's it? C'mon, Mr. Rotherham! Show some respect for the school choice process! I just wrote a book called The Good School: How Smart Parents Get their Kids the Education They Deserve. (You can pre-order it here on Amazon or find out more about it here). The purpose of The Good School is to help parents understand important elements of excellent schools-- so they know it when they see it and can agitate for it if they don't. It covers topics like: how to pick a pre-school, what test scores really mean, how much recess should a kid have, what does a good reading program look like, what about class size, how to prime your kids to be successful in math, the importance of good teachers and how to spot them. Parents of school-aged are hungry for real information about schooling. Looks to me like punted on a great opportunity to provide their readers with what they so vitally need.
What do you think? Do I have a future in blogging?


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