Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Praise from My Friends in Palm Beach!

I had a great time last Friday speaking to about 300 people --young and old--who working improving literacy among children and adults in Florida. The event was organized by the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County.

I talked about my book and then we had a lively Q and A.

The director sent this lovely note:
We were truly delighted to have you with us. Thanks for the energy, expertise and time you put into your presentation and time with us.
I thought of your talk as I taught Sunday School yesterday with 3-5 grade boys and girls. It is a true challenge to keep the girls who are so verbal and enjoy writing and discussing engaged while having activities that allow the boys to act out the lesson, run off their energy and keep engaged. Your thoughts were very helpful and thought-provoking.

People who care about reading are my kinda people.


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