Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another great review for The Good School!

This one on The reviewer writes:
"choosing a school is one of a father's biggest decisions and has life-long implications for his children. (No pressure, right?) But The Good School makes a tough and high-stakes process a lot more manageable and understandable. When you read The Good School, you will get a lot of research done for you in terms of how to evaluate school options, and a series of insights and key questions and concerns to raise when you are checking out these school choices. How do the objective measures like test score and teacher turnover factor in? What about P.E. and recess? School hours and days? How can you tell from an interview and classroom visit whether a teacher will work well with your child?

Hard questions, but certainly the ones you need to consider. And if you read The Good School, you will get ahead of the game and be prepared to make an informed and thoughtful decision about your child's education. Check out my review and then order your own copy. Read it and refer to it often for continuing insight into your child's formal education."

I swear, I am not related to this man! But I love him like a brother!


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