Friday, May 30, 2008


Because my book is coming out in the fall, boys and school are very much on my mind. I was dismayed last week when the American Association of University Women issued their report declaring the "boy crisis" in education is over.

This is an organization I respect. For decades, they have boldly demanded equal access to education for women -- and in that way, have changed our world in ways we will only fully appreciate when history is written. But with all due respect, their report is nonsense and a disservice not only to boys but to many smart women who would ordinarily be their supporters.

I realize that the AAUW is an advocacy group. And what I'm trying to do with my book is to present a more balanced view of demographic shifts in our culture. (Gosh, that sounds so much more boring than it actually is.) So we're bound to come to different conclusions. Still, I'm not sure why they felt compelled to issue a report along the lines of the "Boys Are Ok" when the facts tell us otherwise. It erodes their credibility. It confuses some of the very people (women) they are speaking for.

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