Monday, July 2, 2012

An Exciting Development!

A mom in New Jersey sends this letter. LOVE IT My boys (I have five) had some strong opinions related to the quality of “boy books”. I ordered The Trouble with Boys and loved it. The boys decided to approach their school librarian who was very open to their opinions and supportive of their ideas. The boys spent 2 days pulling every “boy friendly” book from the (NAME OF SCHOOL) library shelves. Labels were then ordered that would help male students and teachers easily identify good “guy” books. A day was spent labeling the books and developing a master list that teachers, parents and boys can easily access to find engaging books. We hope to develop a book club for boys at (name of school) that would pair a strong 8th grade male reader with a boy or group of boys who are struggling to discover the joy found in a good read. The book also made me stop turning my nose up at the “Captain Underpants” books my younger boys were always dying to read!

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