Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talking About My Book to Parents and Teachers.

I spoke at two wonderful events in the last couple of days – one at the New Canaan Library in New Canaan, Ct, sponsored by a bookstore called Elm Street Books and then, in the lovely town of Madison, Ct. at R.J. Julia Bookstore.

Both events drew about 100 people each – and after I spoke about my book for 20 (ok, more like 30) minutes, we had a very lively discussion.

Such thoughtful interesting perspectives! Both audiences were heavy with teachers who came out on a school night (no easy task) to talk about the ways in which boys struggle in school. A veteran first grade teacher from New Haven told me that her first graders get NO RECESS AT ALL!! She looked very upset as she talked about the effect on the children – and the boys. Another, a school guidance counselor, talked about his boy-heavy case load and the ways in which he sees boys disengage from school and the consequences for their education and their lives. Fascinating. And further proof.

Thanks for all of you who came out to those events.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great book. It's been an inspiration. But what we, as parents and educators, need are concrete ways to get schools to hear what we are saying. How do we make changes and convince schools (and some parents) that boys need to be free and less regimented in school at such a young age.

November 20, 2008 at 5:26 PM  

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